Mariko’s Living Foods Recipes

Joyous Salad Celebration “Mariko’s Color Therapy in a Bowl” Organic Romaine, one head, washed, dried and torn into smaller pieces Organic Mixed Field Greens, small bag Organic Red Cabbage, finely sliced, about ½ cup 1 Organic Sunburst Squash and/or Zucchini, grated 2 Organic Carrot, grated 1 Small Organic Beet, grated Organic Red Bell Pepper, finely […]

The Importance of Liver/Gall Bladder Cleansing

In my opinion, the liver and gallbladder are the most abused and neglected organs in the body. Traditionally, the alternative method of decongesting these organs has been doing a cleanse using apple juice to soften the congestion and olive oil to help pull that congestion out through the ducts. This has worked very well for […]

Healthy Tips for Clean Living

In this article we will explore ways you can increase your energy and facilitate your own healing. It is quite simple, really. Our main goal is to detoxify or de-acidify the cells of our body so they are healthy and can carry on with normal function. So, basically we need to eat foods that promote […]

Cleansing Your Way to Better Health

Healing, of course, is multidimensional and we need to put time into its various aspects, mental/emotional, physical and spiritual. This article focuses on the much neglected physical cleansing and detoxification so essential for our healing. When we are not physically well, all else suffers. The attention to the subtler parts of our being lay dormant […]

Why Eggs Are Not Heath Food, Whether Organic, Local or Not

Posted by: Gabriel Cousens on 9/12/2011  There are a number of reasons that I do not recommend regular or even supplemental chicken egg consumption, whether the laying hens are fed organic, allowed free range, or horrifically battery caged. From a health perspective, eggs are not readily tolerated by most people. According to researcher Laura Power, PhD, eggs elicit negative Immunoglobulin […]

Spiritual Digestion : Feeding God Within

Digesting our food well leads to digesting life well! Imagine for a moment that God is inside you. He has invited himself inside his temple to just check himself out inside of you. Being the gracious host you are to someone of HIS stature, what would you offer him in the way of food that […]

The Essenes and Bowel Cleansing

The following is a fascinating account of colon cleansing that I wanted to pass onto to you. It is not part of the article above… Man has been aware for centuries of the necessity for cleansing to live a life of purpose and joy. In the third century Edmond Bordeaux Szekely translated The Essene Gospel […]

Feel Well With Foods and Therapies That Heal

As printed in Four Corners Magazine December 2005 There is a growing awareness of healthy living in Sedona, Arizona. The evidence is clear by the presence of a new vegan vegetarian restaurant and a 100% raw/living foods café and the many practitioners who are teaching a healthier way of living. We are reawakening to the […]