Core Synchronism – Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

Core Synchronism is based on the philosophy of natural therapeutics, cranial osteopathy, polarity therapy as well as the palpatory and philosophical discoveries of Robert Stevens. “Core” allows access to all layers of the physical and energetic/causal bodies to release disharmonic patterns from their source. Here is what Stevens says about this phenomenal approach to healing:

“The human organism is comprised of the mental/emotional, etheric and physical bodies. The Soul or Vital Force is the animating, nonmaterial dynamic. Health is the experience of harmony between the Soul and the parts comprising the whole. All parts must operate as a synchronistic whole. Core Synchronism is a system of bodywork designed to assist Nature in establishing harmony with all parts of the organism, via the Vital Force and the Cerebrospinal fluid. All aspects of self are synchronized to the Soul Breath to access and release states of imbalance, trauma, pain, etc. completely from the system.” Core Synchronism is a relaxing, safe and gentle palpatory approach to healing and harmony.

Your first session is $100.00

Package of 5 $450.00