Wellness Consultations

Wellness Consultations is a way of assessing, evaluating and supporting you in the areas of health you need help in. We come up with a mutually agreed upon path of lifestyle and work toward your goals.

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Our books “Heal from the Inside Out” and “Vegan~Licious” will be used as reference guides for a unique, fresh approach to dietary, detox/cleansing, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations. 

You will be working at your own pace to achieve the goals desired with a plan you CAN do! The initial fee of $100 includes the two books and a 45 minute consultation.


If you would like to request a Wellness Consultation by phone or make an appointment at the Digestive Wellness Center in Sedona, Arizona, please send us an  e-mail wellnessonalllevels@gmail.com with your request or contact us directly by telephone at 928-282-8982. 


For telephone sessions, we will send you the books then set up a time to talk via telephone. For person to person sessions, we’ll talk to set it up for your convenience.

I look forward to being your Wellness Coach…Reuel Ari