I have been a patient of Reuel for 14 years. I have scheduled regular colonics with him. In the beginning, I was doing them 3-4 times per year. I started to feel better and better, clearer and clearer with more energy. A lot of residual colds were eliminated and I felt stronger.

Over the last year I have been doing much more intense colon therapy so that I could actively and thoroughly cleanse my gallbladder and liver. I find that my health has improved dramatically. I have a lot more energy and am much more conscious of my diet.

Usually during a colonic treatment I experience a cleansing and a pulling. Once I had the sense that everything in my body was being pulled and cleansed in my lymphatic system. Once, I even felt like something was being pulled out of my brain and purified, like a mind purge.

So, I recommend this treatment highly. I trust Reuel implicitly to do the very best job. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind and very professional in all his treatments with me.

local Sedona resident

Colon Therapy needs to be de-mystified for Americans. There is a critical need for a “wake up call” and understanding of Digestive Wellness. I sure got mine!

Experiencing my first Colon Therapy session transformed my life. I have been in fear of this process for years, yet knowing the importance for my health, I decided to move forward and experience the therapy after my dear friend Brenda encouraged me to have one.

It was emotionally and physically transforming because it uncovered a lifetime of abusive foods and buried, unresolved feelings. After four sessions I had to face issues I had been running away from for years. Of course, experiencing Colon Therapy in Sedona escalated the experience ten-fold.

When I saw what came out of my body I was overwhelmed, yet another step closer to healing the body and soul. The most important factor in this entire process was my amazingly gentle and compassionate therapist, Reuel Ari. All of my built in fears of intimacy and potential for personal embarrassment with Colon Therapy disappeared with Reuel’s gentleness and glorious sense of humor.

As an Internationally known Wellness Coach and Intuitive Healer he has inspired thousands of clients from around the world to choose a different lifestyle for nourishing the body with healthy and living foods.

Grateful Regards - Phyllis J, Sedona, Arizona

We feel blessed to have met you. Thank you for your work on / with us.  You are remarkable healers in the broadest sense of the word.

Good luck with your future plans. They fit you. They fit also a desperate (if all too often unrecognized) need.  Your mission is right, your skills are a perfect match, and your customers will be fortunate and dedicated.

Fondly - Charlie and Ann, New York

I just wanted to let you know, Reuel, that my life has changed due to your therapy. I am back on track with my diet, feeling lighter and have no more sinus congestion which was my main complaint to begin with. You have inspired me to transform my life and I appreciate who you are.

Sincerely - Gary M, Sedona, Arizona

My visits with Reuel Ari began in February, shortly after I moved here. In June, after 4 months of weekly treatments with Reuel, I had an abdominal hysterectomy.  During my hospital stay of 3 days I should have been releasing gas, but it never released.  In tremendous pain, I checked myself out of the hospital, knowing Reuel was my only hope for releasing the pain of gas pockets in my colon.  The 1st treatment released much of the trapped gas, but the 2nd treatment two days later helped to eliminate all the matter that had backed up.

I credit Reuel with not only helping me release, but with eliminating future health problems due to blockages in the colon after surgery.  There are still some kinks to be worked out since surgery, but my belief is without Reuel, I would have needed surgery again.

Terri M - Sedona, Arizona

I have had a variety of health problems since the beginning of menopause. As each health issue so cleared, some of them returned and needed to be cleared again. When I started colon therapy, or healing from the inside out, I started getting to the root of many health issues that have been plaguing me for years. Removing toxic wastes that sat in my body for years, or undigested matter that never finds its way of my body, finally was removed by using colonics. My energy doubled, I started losing weight.

My eyes are clearer and my skin is healthier. Colonics added health, youth and strength to my body and will keep me energetic throughout my mid-years, slowing the aging process that we all go through. When I studied Colon Therapy I became more aware of the kind of job the large intestine has to do on a daily basis within my body. I became more aware of the need to keep cleansing on the inside because all of my major organs are affected by the cleanliness or the lack of cleanliness within the body. In other words all major illnesses are connected to the health and the cleanliness of the large intestine.

I also learned how to change my diet to help my own healing process and I only wish that I had changed my diet and learned about colon therapy a lot sooner in my life time. Dr. Reuel is extremely knowledgeable in all areas involved in the healing process. He is patient, caring and an excellent teacher. His course was very well presented, easy to learn, and should be studied by everyone who is interested in becoming well and maintaining wellness.

Marie C - New York

Good morning Reuel, Thanks to your guiding hands and gentle touch, I am a new woman today.  That was the best cranial. Course they're all good. I am so grateful.

Anyway, thank you again.  I'm sure my trip will be more relaxed and enjoyable now.

Most grateful - Lea M, Sedona, Arizona